March 13th update

Posted by Erin Wilson On Friday, March 13, 2009 1 comments
Things have been quiet for a week or so which is a blessing. I had my weekly doctors appointment on Wednesday and for the first time in months nothing had changed in our situation. That was nice. Two weeks ago we found out that I have more amniotic fluid than I'm suppose to. Dr. Greig doesn't know why. It's not too huge of a concern but the result could mean me going into pre-term labor, which is bad for Josiah. This weeks appointment showed no change in the amniotic fluid levels, which was good.

So again, the immediate things we are praying for... the atrial septal wall in Josiah's heart not to close any more than it is, me not to go into labor early, and for a place to stay in Charleston while we're there. Thanks so much for praying with us.

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    Dana Love y'all so much! Miss you too. Glad to hear about wednesday's appt. I'm working on housing in Charleston!

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