New Josiah Pics

Posted by Milo Wilson On Friday, March 6, 2009 3 comments

Had another doctors appointment today. Although I'm getting frustrated with all the appointments and ultrasounds. I will never tire of seeing these incredible images. It just amazes me every time I see Josiah in 4D. I can't believe we have the technology to see him so vividly inside my womb. He's beautiful... I can't wait to meet him, hold him tight, and tell him how much I love him.

3 comments to New Josiah Pics

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    Tracy AMAZING! What a blessing to be able to see him in this way! You guys are in my prayers.

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    Anonymous He is absolutely beautiful...and looks like Hazyl!!! Dear Lord, please hold Josiah in your hands and heal his broken heart and be with this precious family as they go through this difficult time!

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    Dana Oh, what a handsome young man! He looks like a fighter and very much a thinker. Wonder what he is pondering in his mommy's warm tummy?? I love you little man. Be strong. God will bless you, your mommy & daddy and your sisters very much!

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