Update on Josiah Nathaniel - Pre Term Labor

Posted by Milo Wilson On Tuesday, April 21, 2009 5 comments
We had a scare late Sunday night. Erin was having regular contractions that were not going away. They had gotten to be more than 8 times in an hour, which really was not good. Erin tells me that they weren't very strong or painful, but the point was that they were not going away.

We called our doctor's office at about midnight, and they told us to go ahead and check in to the hospital and get checked out. We called our friend Eve who quickly came over to be at our house with the girls, and we went on our way.

Again, we were never really in any fear that Josiah would be born, but maybe we should have been. It became suddenly apparent that we are far from being prepared. Charleston is over 3 hrs away, and if this were really "it," it is possible we would not have been able to get there safely in time.

To make a long story short, they were able to give Erin an IV bag, and some drugs that put her to sleep, and in turn caused the contractions to subside. Tragedy avoided.

The reason we are so concerned, is because Erin is only 33 weeks along. We absolutely need to get Josiah as close to full term as possible, without risking the chance that we can't get to Charleston in time.

We went to the Doctor today, and he put Erin on a drug that is supposed to help keep her from beginning pre-term labor. We hope that this will give us a couple more weeks. Yet, we know that the inevitable is coming.

Will you be in prayer for us?

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    Anonymous Milo & Erin,
    Our prayers are with you guys during this very difficult time. You are in God's hands and what better place to be! His strength is perfect....
    Pat Billings

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    Tracy I'll be talking to God about this for you too!!!

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    Anonymous You know we have been praying for you guys and Josiah. You know where to lay you trust. God is the Great Comforter.

    John 14:26 (King James Version)
    But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.

    Marc and Marge

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    Jennifer Bloodworth Erin,
    We will continue to pray for you! I, too, experienced much pre-term labor as I was carrying twins and it was critical that I make it to full-term ... anyway, I took all the drugs and had a pump in my leg! There are lots of things they can (and will) do to keep Josiah safe and sound in that womb but the best advice anybody gave me was to drink a GALLON of water (yep, a full GALLON) a day and to stay off of your feet as much as possible - easier said than done with a busy family, right? Anyway, it worked and I made it to 38 weeks which is considered full-term for multiples.

    I saw on Carys Weaver's (Andrea & Greg Weaver's little girl) Care Page that you talked to Andrea. We met them at MUSC when our husband was having his full repair surgery for a CHD called Tetrology of Fallot...anyway, they are great people and we are forever kindred spirits in the eyes of MUSC families everywhere! I would love to talk to you if you ever have any questions. We were diagnosed in utero and had several ultrasounds at MUSC while I was pregnant so I can certainly relate to your feelings right now as you try to make it to full-term.

    Feel free to email me at bloodwos@charter.net or call me at 313-8996.

    In Him,
    Jennifer Bloodworth
    mom to Bonner & Ian (TOF) Bloodworth

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    Anonymous I had no idea, but you all are always in my prayers, let me know if you need anything.
    Dawn Epps

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