Our first family picture

Posted by Milo Wilson On Friday, May 29, 2009 3 comments

Here is our first family picture! Milo brought in a picture of the girls to put up on Josiah's bed. I didn't think much of it until I saw the picture up. It made me so happy. It was the first time I have ever seen all 3 of my children together. You don't know how special that is to me to be able to look at Josiah and see our girls too. I almost feel like I have two families right now. Milo, I and Josiah who live at the hospital and then our second family, Milo, I, Daylia and Hazyl who reside at the condo. Right now those two families don't mix. What a day that will be when we can be one big family of 5.

Yesterday, Daylia got to see her brother for the first time. She has been asking about him so much and has seemed to do well when we showed her pictures of him. She asks tons of questions as always. So we hoped she could handle seeing him. The child life specialist that we spoke to about her coming in to see him was all for it. Although, when we told the nurse we were going to bring her in she didn't seem to excited about it. We brought her in anyway but just for a short time. She did really well and was so excited to see him. She asked about some of his tubes but did not seem afraid at all. The child life specialist told us to make sure to read her cues and not force her to get any closer than she wanted to be. I was standing over him and put my hand on his head. As soon as I did that Daylia asked if she could touch him too, so we let her. She did great! She said that he looked like her because he had brown hair and brown eyes just like her. We only let her stay for about 5 minutes. When we came back in the nurse who wasn't so excited about the idea said she was so impressed by how well Daylia did with seeing Josiah.

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    Anonymous priceless, we are continuing in prayer for you all.

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    Anonymous i am so glad daylia got to see her brother! now she can feel like the big sister! just wanted you to know that my friend, brandi broom (alexander) has been following your story with me and she just put two and two together that she is related to the family from pickens by marriage. such a small world! we are still praying and please let us know if we can do anything.
    love, the caubles

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    Indreni He is so precious and cute. You're in my prayers.

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