When our housing fell through

Posted by Erin Wilson On Thursday, May 7, 2009 2 comments
On Monday, our housing fell through on us. The woman we were renting from got an offer on her place for a three year contract so she decided to go with that. I completely understand, guaranteed rent for 3 years over 2 months. It just sort of left us in a bind. However, our God is always in control and so even though it stressed me out I knew there must be something better out there. A woman from our church had given me a phone number of ministry in Charleston that works with families with critically ill family members. I called there on Monday afternoon and immediately this amazing woman, Melissa Altman, went to work trying to find us housing. By Wednesday she found us a 3 bd condo in Mt. Pleasant, free of charge!!!! It is closer to MUSC than the townhouse we were going to rent in Summerville and it is $1,200 cheaper!!!! The condo is owned by a business owner who uses it for clients. It is available for the first two weeks we will be there. Then it's up in the air. This man's company doesn't have their June calendar complete yet. We are welcome to use it for any weeks that it's available. So we've got 2 weeks of free accommodations and then we'll see from there, but God has once again proven himself faithful so I'm confident that like always our needs will be met.

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    Helen That's so amazing! I just love hearing about all the ways that God is providing for you guys in such HUGE ways!! Praying for you, Milo, Dahlia, Hazyl & the little guy.
    Love you!

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    Anonymous Erie Will ,God is great.We love you and Milo and the girls andJosiah. Weare praying for you. Love Uncle Suckers and Aunt Burma

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