No extubation today

Posted by Erin Wilson On Monday, June 22, 2009 1 comments
The plan was to extubate Josiah this morning. When we got to the hospital this morning his feeding tube was unhooked which we thought was a good sign because you have to not have feeds for a while before extubation. But we were told he was not receiving feeds for another reason. Last night Josiah had a bloody bowel movement and then another one this morning. So while they are investigating what's going on with that they aren't going to feed him and aren't going to extubate him. All this could be a sign of infection or a lack of blood flow to his intestine or hopefully just a one time occurrence. We'll wait and see!

On a more positive note the fluid being drained from his chest has slowed down a little in the past 24 hrs. Also his chest x-ray is looking better. We will continue to pray for that fluid to stop and hopefully for Josiah to be extubated soon.

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    Anonymous I'm praying that he'll be ready very soon to do all his breathing on his own. Love and miss you guys. - Aunt Charity

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