Our God is Amazing

Posted by Erin Wilson On Thursday, June 25, 2009 3 comments
So here are the details of yesterday that I didn't have the space to post from my phone. When Josiah crashed last night it was because the line that they push all meds and fluids through had slipped out of his heart and was just dumping the fluids into the space around his heart and lungs causing his heart to stop beating. When the doctors realized this they had to pull that line out. Up until yesterday afternoon this was his only line, but yesterday he was able to have a PICC line put in, in the cath lab. If you read some of my previous post about the PICC line we were told it probably wouldn't be scheduled until today. Praise God that they worked Josiah into the schedule yesterday. If Josiah had not had the PICC line put in yesterday, when his heart stopped and they had to pull the RA line out, they would not have had any access to push the meds through that helped get his heart going again. To give you some idea of how crucial this was, after Josiah was settled and stable, he needed to have a second line put in so that they could give him some different medications. It took the docs almost 2.5 hours to have success in getting another line placed. So to try to put a line in while doing chest compressions would have been incredibly difficult. The second amazing thing about all this was that Josiah crashed at the exact time all the docs and surgeons were at his bedside rounding. If this had waited until the middle of the night to show itself and they had to call the doctors in, Josiah would have most likely been down a lot longer. Instead, as soon as his heart rate fell he immediately started receiving chest compressions. Again, God is amazing. Thirdly, Milo didn't tell me this until after Josiah was stable, but the moment we ran out of the condo and got the van started, Bob Marley's, "Everything is Gonna Be Alright" was playing on the radio. I didn't notice this because I was still on the phone with the doctors, but Milo said he noticed right away and couldn't help think that God orchestrated that.

I can't thank the staff here enough for how quickly everyone reacted to Josiah's emergency. Thank you Sarah for stepping up and talking to me on the phone. I know it wasn't easy. And thank you for the tears and hugs you gave us when we got there. It means so much to us to know how much you and all the other nurses care for Josiah. You guys are amazing!

Josiah is doing well today. He has opened his eyes, moved his arms and legs, coughed, gaged, blinked, urinated, he's done all the things that they wanted to see him do after trauma like that. Thank God for another day in the PCICU!

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    Anonymous God is truly amazing...and I can't tell you what it means to see your family continuing to trust & believe that God is in control and only has good intentions for us amid ALL circumstances. You guys are loved & lifted up in prayer often.


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    Anonymous Praying for you and baby Josiah! NICU nurses are amazing and I think angels sent by God to get us through a very tough time in a mommy and daddy's life. Praise God for his provision and hand on Josiah's life!

    In my prayers
    Abbey Cooler

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    mom2lo It is amazing how God's hand is in everything! He definitely has His hands on Josiah and I believe He will continue to help strengthen him through this difficult journey.

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