Erin is holding Josiah!

Posted by Milo Wilson On Thursday, July 2, 2009 0 comments

This is the 2nd time ever we have been able to hold Josiah, and the 1st time in 31 days. Priceless.

What a great day this has been! I'm sorry for the picture. I sure don't look to happy but trust me it was the best feeling in the world and I haven't stopped smiling yet. I think I was messing with Josiah's feeding tube trying to keep from yanking it from his nose. It's still quite an ordeal to get him out of his bed with all the tubes so I appreciate so much our nurses extra effort to allow me to hold him. I only got to hold him for about 15 minutes before a case from the OR came in and we had to leave. I'm hoping to get some good time in later tonight!

Josiah has fought hard the past 24hours to keep the breathing tube out. When we came back from dinner they were close to re-intubating him because his oxygen sats were very low (in the 60's). However, the doctor decided to order a chest x-ray first to check his lungs. She came back and said, "the bad news is his entire right lung has collapsed, but the good news is we can try to fix that with intubating him." The fix meant constant chest physical therapy last night to try and get his lung opened. CPT is a whacking on his chest and back. Once the respiratory therapist got tired Milo took over, however, he was no where near as harsh! Doing this helped to get his oxygen sats back into the 70's which was acceptable. The funny part about Josiah's treatment was that Josiah's mouth was hanging wide open which allowed the oxygen that was being pushed through his nose to escape out his mouth rather than getting down into his lungs. For those of you don't know the mouth hanging wide open is a Daley family trait and Josiah has it big time. So it was doctors orders last night to keep a paci in Josiah's mouth so that his mouth would stay closed and oxygen wouldn't escape.

All of the efforts of our doctors and nurses last night kept Josiah of the ventilator through the night and we are now pretty confident it will stay out!!! So we owe another huge thank you to the great team here at MUSC!

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