Josiah's struggles as of late are less 'heart' related

Posted by Milo Wilson On Wednesday, July 15, 2009 1 comments

this is the site of Josiah's " chemical burn" Saturday night, the staff spent 8 hrs or more trying to get an IV in our little man. Sunday morning it appeared they had finally been successful. However, it was discovered Monday it was a weak artery rather than a vein. He was accidentally recieving his antibiotics through an artery rather than his veins. Arteries are much more fragile and cannot handle medications, and are not used except for emergencies, and you can see why from the picture. This caused an internal chemical burn, which is now coming to the surface. The good news is the burning has stopped. He won't need plastic surgery , and he hasn't lost blood flow to his leg which could have meant losing the leg alltogether. He will look worse before he looks better, but in 12-14 days he should have clear skin again, with only a small scar. God is protecting this little boy... please
continue to pray!

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1 comments to Josiah's struggles as of late are less 'heart' related

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    Nancy Oh. my. goodness. So glad that it will heal up and not cause any long-term problems! Still praying for you guys and Josiah. We're in 786 if Erin wants a break or gets kicked out of PCICU and wants to talk. :)


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