Milo is leaving for 5 days...

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Tomorrow marks Josiah at 8 weeks old. And, to celebrate I am leaving Charleston for 5 days. Yea, that's right. It is one of those things that had to happen at some point, but doesn't make it any more fun. I am going to spend the rest of the week with some of our students at Summersalt camp, and I am in this awkward place where I want to go, and I want to stay. I want to go, because it means that I may be getting a glimpse of what it will be like when we get over all this and get our lives back again. I want to stay here, because every day changes constantly here in the hospital, and even the most stable days can turn into really bad days really fast... I am hoping for really boring days while I am gone. This is the longest I have been away from our family in 8 weeks, and I don't expect to do it again anytime soon. In the weeks to follow, I will be going home more frequently to get some work done, but I do not intend to do so for this long...
do you know what has happened in the last 5 days? It's crazy!
Date night with Erin tonight at Cali dreamin. tomorrow morning I leave for 5 days. 3 days with students at summersalt. 2days @ home/ridgevw
  • Whitemore good news: the van is salvageable. we are going to get away with only having to replace alternator. water poured vigorously
  • WhiteGood news: Josiah's chemical burn is mostly superficial. It wil look worse before it gets better but it should heal in 12-14days
  • WhiteHousing is an issue again. We need a new place starting Monday. Anyone got any charleston hook-ups?
  • Whitejim wallis: what you see when you wake up in the morning shapes your perpective and outlook on life... I am learning how true that state ...
  • Whitejust dropped jeremy off at the airport. hate to see him go, but so glad he could be here for a couple days
  • WhiteJosiah looks much better today. His meds went into an artery yesterday, giving him a sort of internal chemical burn. better 2day
  • Whitejames island county water park while grandma is at the hospital. then take jeremy back to the airport. then work on ridgeview stuff from ...
  • Whitei absolutely love every time amy and steve smith remind us to keep it positive. God is in control
  • WhiteJosiah is fast asleep thanks to his versed (knock out medicine). He had a rough day. He now has a new PICC line and 4 new IVs
  • Whitedoing night night with the girls before heading over to see Josiah in our private room at the hospital
  • Whiteeating bbq at jim n nicks bbq on king street
  • WhiteJosiah is doing better. kinda scary day, hard to see tons of doctors around his bed again, but the reality is he is more stable
  • Whitejosiah update: he has returned. we should get to see him in about 15 min...
  • WhiteJosiah still has not returned from the cath lab where he is getting a PICC line put in. Wehave been told the line has been placed
  • WhitePICC Line #2
  • WhiteWater flows out of the Van's tailpipe: video
  • WhiteWater flows out of the Van's tailpipe: video
  • WhiteJosiah has not been able to keep a steady IV access. He is being taken to the cath lab for a PICC line in about 5 min
  • Whitewaiting for the towing service to come and take our van to the mechanic
  • WhiteTake some steps foward then take some back
  • Whitewe are back at musc, and the girls are real excited about mommy coming out to see them
  • Whiteheaded to the airport to pick up jeremy bohall
  • Whitetried to fix the van with adam tonight... no luck. have to get it towed to a mechanic tomorrow
  • WhiteHe is Resting comfortably. Had morphine hr ago. No private room yet!
  • Whitewe didn't get moved before shift change. hopefully the night crew will also want us in the private room
  • Whitetoo many people at church to get back to the aprtment... that's different...
  • WhiteJosiah has picked up an infection in his blood stream. this is why he wasn't able to stay off the vent. pray as he fights it off
  • Whitewe might have the option to get a private room... should we take it?
  • WhiteJosiah just finished a blood tranfusion... thanks again ridgeview for donating blood weeks and weeks ago
  • Whitestoked about my friend Jeremy coming to Charleston tomorrow from CROATIA to see Josiah. Now that is a good friend!
  • WhiteJosiah is looking better today now that he is on the vent again. He had a rough 24hrs. he seems content to let the machine breath
  • Whitedaylia just recited back to me the story of Jonah and the big fish... great kids program at sancturychurch today
  • Whitehad an awesome time of worship this morning at sancuary church charleston... they meet in a school too! felt like home
  • WhiteJosih had to be re-intubated this morning. He had a good run though... 1.5 weeks breathing on his own!
  • WhiteJosiah's only chest tube remaining came out at some poit today. They are looking at xrays now to see if it needs to be replaced
  • Whiteironically, the pediatric ICU has no bandaids or a simple 1st aid kit...
  • WhiteJosiah just loves all of his blog readers... he wants to give a shout out!
  • Whitenurses are sticking Josiah all over to get a blood sample to get e gas. This is the bad side of not having a PICC line
  • WhiteBack at Josiahs side. He is still looking kinda gray. We hope he isnt re-intubated today... It is a possibility
  • WhiteRidgeview Church New York Mission Trip 2009 Video
  • WhiteOur God is Great!
  • Whiteback at the aprtment with the girls... we are heading over to the hospital
  • Whitei am certain that there is only one car in charleston parked farther away from the beach than us
  • Whitetaking our girls to the beach while grandma sits with Josiah...she got the better end of the deal
  • Whitelong long movie.... i guess it was worth it. now i just wish i was asleep
  • Whiteforgot to mention the monie title... public enemy... we were 15 min late, i hope we didn't miss the important stuff
  • Whitegoing to the 11:30 movies with john mark and rahel... you are only young once... young with grandma at home with the kids that is...
  • WhiteJust daddy and Josiah for a few minutes. And i an loving it!
  • Whitespending the evening with some friends around josiah's bed
  • Whiteplaying on the playground with the girls at hazel park
  • Whitestill unsure whether Steve is a Specialized man or a Giant man
  • WhiteMommy is holding our beautiful boy again... it never gets old!
  • WhiteJosiah's chest xray this morning was the best of his entire life. It seems he may be finally starting to dry out the fluid
  • Whiteinitially i didn't like charleston. i didn't see what all the fuss was about. but it is growing on me!
  • Whitehoping to get back in to see Josiah soon... this is the downside of being at the hospital during the day
  • Whitethe van is still dead... no water in the oil pan as far as I can tell, maybe its the starter... I don't know.. got any ideas?
  • WhiteJosiah working harder to breath today... no real reason for it, but we hope he gets better
  • Whiterescue complete. we hooked on the van with a towrope and pulled it over to G-lot. Hope it dries out tomorrow!
  • Whitegoing out to retrieve our swamped minivan

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