100 Amazing Days With Our Amazing Boy!

Posted by Erin Wilson On Friday, August 28, 2009 1 comments
Did I ever think we would be here for 100 days? No way! No way! I am so grateful that we are still here? Absolutely, because the alternative is certainly not where we would want to be. So what's been going on with Josiah this week? Good news and bad news.

I'll start with the bad news. Josiah has had a pretty rough week. Tuesday he became very sick as I posted earlier this week. We had some cultures drawn and what grew back was pneumonia. So unfortunately Josiah lungs have taken another hit with this infection. We are treating it and Josiah seems to be feeling better. He is still set at very high ventilator settings. The hope is that he will recover from this and be able to go back to the previous settings soon.

The good news is Josiah had a great day today. He and I had so much fun today. He was alert and awake for a good portion of the afternoon. While he was awake he was so content. We got to do some of his stretching and Josiah actually feels like he is making some progress. I don't even think I can explain the little things that we are working on because I don't think I would have ever known that it was possible for a baby not to do some of the things that seem so natural. It's amazing the things you take for granted. One of the biggest things we've been working on is getting him to hold his head straight. He always has it turned towards the right and he is very uncomfortable with it in what we call a neutral position because his neck muscles are so tight. I talked with Josiah's occupational therapist today and asked her how often we should do his stretches and she laughed. She said that we should do his stretches as often as we could but that a normal baby at home would be making these movements about 600 times a day! Wow!

I also got to hold Josiah for about 2 hours today and he was awake for the majority of the time. It was so amazing! I love him so much! We have been so blessed these past 100 days!

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    mom2lo So sorry to hear about the pneumonia diagnosis! The poor guy's lungs just don't need a hit like that! I will be praying for a speedy recovery!

    What an amazing blessing that Josiah had such a great day yesterday! I can imagine how excited you were to get to hold him -- awake, no less! -- for almost 2 hours! And it is incredible how much the little things are taken for granted. I will be praying he continues to have many more great days!

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