5 great days in a row!

Posted by Erin Wilson On Tuesday, August 4, 2009 2 comments
Josiah has had about 5 great days in a row! We are so extremely grateful for that. His O2 sats have stayed within the range that the MD's want to see them. We have been able to wean down on the ventilator very slowly without upsetting Josiah. He's had great color as well. On Thursday, last week, Josiah had a CT scan done to take a closer look at the blood flow to and from his lungs. The report from that showed that there has been some narrowing of Josiah's left pulmonary artery. This is the artery that sends blood to the left lung to pick up oxygen. With it narrowed not as much blood can get to his lung, not a good thing for him. We were told that day that the only way to fix this for Josiah was to have an open heart surgery. We were also told that no decision on that would be made until this week when Dr. Bradly (our surgeon) got back from vacation. We spoke with him yesterday and were very glad to hear that he thought that we would be able to fix this in the cath lab (a risky, but much less risky ordeal). He also said he wasn't convinced that we needed to fix it right now. We may be able to wait until Josiah's second surgery to fix it then. Either way that is good news!

Josiah's greatest hurdle at this point is his lungs. Excuse my word choice here, but Milo and I have taken to referring to Josiah's lungs as crap! That's the best way I seem to be able to describe the condition of his lungs. We are very specifically praying for a miracle in his lungs that would turn his lungs from crap to gold! We have been told by several doctors that the biggest reason that babies in his condition don't make it is that they're stay in the ICU becomes so long that they continue to get infections and eventually infection overtakes their bodies. With that said... we want to get out of here and bring Josiah home ASAP! In order to do that Josiah's lungs need to heal! So we are praying for another miracle.

On another note, we are still working on turning my breast milk into skim milk. One of the nurses here has made this her project. She has actually begun spinning my milk in a centrifuge and pulling of the fat. She then tests the fat content and compares it to the formula he is currently on. So far it looks very promising. Several of the doctors are very excited about this possibility. We just need the okay from the "boss man," Dr. Bradley. Our nurse has a meeting with the attendings and Dr. Bradley on Friday to present all of her findings and discuss it as a real possibility. In light of the news about infection being one of the biggest risks for Josiah, I am really hoping that Josiah can get some of the great nutrition from my breast milk.

Praying for continued miracles for Josiah. We also have two new HLHS babies here in the PCICU. Please pray with us for one little girl, Maia, who is having her open heart surgery in the morning. Also for another baby (I haven't met the parents yet) but I know that this baby had the same intact septum that Josiah had. Thanks again for all your prayers.

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    mom2lo Praise the Lord for this wonderful report!!! I am so happy to hear Josiah has had several good days in a row! I will be praying along with you for God to touch Josiah and bring a miracle of healing to his lungs! And I do hope they are able to give Josiah your milk instead of formula -- that would be a HUGE help in the fight against infection!

    Thanks for the news on the two other HLHS babies. I will keep them in my prayers as well. Is Dean the other baby? I saw a note on CrossBridge's Facebook page that his family drove down from Charlotte Monday when his mommy went into unexpected labor.

    Always remember: God is in control!

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    Anonymous Amen, Amen Amen! We are praying you will soon be headed home away from risk of infection and a tummy full of breast milk! God knows the purpose HE has for Josiah...I stand in awe as I watch you and the whole family discover that purpose. We continue to pray!

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