Erin Skims Breast Milk for Josiah!

Posted by Erin Wilson On Friday, August 28, 2009 1 comments

I was able to help Staci make skim milk today. She spun it all in the lab and then brought it to Josiah's room where I sperated the fat from the skim milk. It was kinda fun! I felt like I was in AP chemistry class again.It was great to be able to help Staci out and know I was getting the best for my son. Josiah gained about .5 lbs this week, which is huge considering he has only gained 1 lb in the first 3 months. Go breast milk!

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1 comments to Erin Skims Breast Milk for Josiah!

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    mom2lo What a blessing! I know it has to make you feel good to be doing something so wonderful and apparently somewhat unconventional for your sweet boy. I'm so happy he's up .5 lb. in ONE WEEK! I had no idea he had only gained 1 lb. in the first 3 months! This is amazing progress! Keep it up, little guy!

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