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Posted by Erin Wilson On Friday, August 28, 2009 1 comments
First of all I can't believe the response I've received already about helping out with the centrifuge. Thank you so much for getting on board with this already! I spoke with an organization down here who has helped us out while we have been here and helps other families in our situation with housing, food, tons of things. They are more than willing to let us go through their non-profit organization to donate funds, which I think will be great. I also spoke with the nurse manager of the PCICU today and asked her about getting a centrifuge. She told me that she is in the process of getting all the doctors and the nurse who has been doing this for Josiah and the other baby together in 2 weeks and evaluating how things are going with this process. They need to make sure that this is a policy that they want to continue with all babies who need a fat free diet. They need to develop a protocol for this in the unit so that there ends up being consistency. Mine and Staci's goal is that they see the benefit and decide to keep going with it for other babies. So all that said, we need to wait and see if the MD's are going to decide to make skimming breast milk a protocol before they go ahead and order a centrifuge. So again I'll keep you posted! Thanks so much!

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    mom2lo Thanks for posting an update on this, Erin! I too pray that the doctors decide to make this a protocol for other babies in need of a fat-free diet. Who knows, our sweet Chase may be in the same predicament when he arrives in late October! Keep us posted on if/when we can donate to this very worthy cause!

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