Big Changes this Afternoon!

Posted by Erin Wilson On Tuesday, September 15, 2009 0 comments
There have been some big changes today for Josiah. After I was told yesterday that we were only going to make one vent change a day, making it another 10 days before we would be a point where we could CPAP, we are now CPAPing today! CPAP trials are when they shut off the rate on the ventilator making him initiate every breath on his own. It is a way for them to test Josiah and see how close he is to being ready to extubate. They will test him for a while, but Josiah has not been at this point in 2 months. That's amazing!

He is also off his morphine and versed drip for sedation and pain. So he has been much more awake today. I'm hoping he'll smile again soon. Maybe tonight for his Daddy!

Also, it has been 6 weeks since his drainage stopped. So they are going to reintroduce full fledge breast milk today. We need lots of prayers that this works and Josiah doesn't re-accumulate fluid. If he does he will be back on skim breast milk again for at least another 6 weeks. I'm really praying he can tolerate it because if we do get to go home any time soon I don't know that I could keep up with skimming breast milk and so we'd have to put him back on the special formula. I really want him to have the breast milk. It has been so so so helpful to him.

So pray pray pray that Josiah's beautiful little body can tolerate FAT!

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