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We've had a tough couple of days with setbacks. Three days ago Josiah was looking great and had made the most progress that he's made in months. We were at the lowest settings on the vent, doing CPAP trials and started full strength breast milk. It has been more than frustrating to watch him go backwards the past couple of days.

Yesterday, the cultures that were taking on Thursday came back positive with bacteria. He has two infections, one in his urine and one in his chest cavity. The one in his chest cavity popped up from the culture that was taken from the fluid that had built up in his chest cavity. So that fluid showed that Josiah has a type of staph infection called MRSA. He also has an infection called Klebsiella in his urine. Both of these infections put us on what is called "contact precautions" for the rest of our stay here. That means anyone who touches him needs to be wearing a gown and gloves. All nurses and staff are required to but we have the choice, I guess. One of our nurses suggested we bring long sleeve t-shirts to wear over our clothes while we are here and then take them off before leaving instead of wearing the gowns. We can touch him without gloves as long as we wash to our elbows before and after touching him. We will probably speak with someone from infectious control on Monday to find out more on how we keep him safe and the rest of the family safe from infection. Our biggest prayer concern for him now is that the infections don't spread from where they are and that he doesn't pick anything else up while his immune system is so weak right now.

This truly has been difficult for me because Josiah had been doing so well. Another heart mom gave us some good advice before we came here. That advice was to not get too excited on the good days and then not get too down on the bad days. It is a constant roller coaster in here. While that was great advice and was super helpful for the first month or so. I don't know how long you can keep that up because it just makes you numb. I especially hate missing out on the good days. I think I missed out on some in the beginning. So as of late I've tried not to hinder my natural emotions. Which for the most part are good and grateful. I'm usually a very positive and optimistic person. I got pretty excited and hopeful (that there was light at the end of the tunnel) earlier this week when he was doing so well. The problem with letting yourself get that excited is that when things slide backwards it's that much harder to take. I let myself be hopeful and happy but doing that leaves you susceptible to heartache and tears.

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    Nancy We are still checking on Josiah and praying for you guys. Let's try to meet sometime next week when we come for Rebekah's g-tube. Keep hanging in there knowing that God loves your little boy even more than you do. It's something I have to remind myself with Rebekah daily. Hugs and Prayers,

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