Josiah is back in the PCICU

Posted by Erin Wilson On Wednesday, September 9, 2009 0 comments
Surgery is over and Josiah is back in the PCICU. We just finished speaking with Dr. Bradley. He said that Josiah did well through the surgery and was stable through out. He came of the heart-lung bypass machine well, but had some trouble ventilating his lungs. They become stiff after not working for the hours of the surgery. Dr. Bradley repaired his left pulmonary artery, carved out the inside wall of his left atrium attempting to make it bigger and adjusted his shunt a bit so that it might last Josiah a little longer than normal.

All in all, the surgery was successful from the standpoint of Josiah remaining stable and Dr. Bradley doing what he wanted to do. We now have to wait and find out in the weeks to come if the surgery is going to help Josiah's lungs enough to get off the ventilator.

Please continue to pray for Josiah as these next 24 hours are critical in his recovery and as we wait and see once again. Thank you so much for all your prayers through out the day. We are truly blessed by the immense support we have. Praise and glory to God for seeing us through another major day and protecting our precious gift.

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