Josiah went to the OR

Posted by Erin Wilson On Thursday, September 17, 2009 0 comments
This morning Mindy, our nurse, noticed Josiah's steri strips on his chest incision were wet. So she had the MD come in and take a look. He took off the steri strips and saw that Josiah's incision was open. It has not healed correctly and was leaking fluid out of it. We are not 100% sure why this happened yet. It could be that an infection has grown in there or that it hasn't healed due to poor nutrition (from not being able to have fat). So Dr. Bradley took Josiah to the OR to open up his chest and clean out the wound. He took cultures of the fluid and tissue inside his chest to determine if there is an infection. We'll know in a couple of days or so. In the mean time they put Josiah on 3 different antibotics to cover him in case of infection. Dr. Bradley also put something called a wound vac on Josiah's chest to pull out any excess fluid and to stimulate blood flow to the tissue. Blood flow will help the wound heal better. The wound vac will have to stay on his chest for a couple of weeks.

Right now we are praying that there is no infection and that this whole ordeal doesn't set Josiah's progress back to much. Thanks again for praying along with us through everything!

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