Josiah's Benefit Car Show

Posted by Erin Wilson On Wednesday, September 16, 2009 1 comments

We have been so blessed by people we know very well, those we barely know, and those we don't know at all through our whole time here at MUSC. We are currently being blessed by the generosity of a family back home in the Blue Ridge area that we barely know, the Gray's. Milo taught this families two children last school year during Release Time at Blue Ridge Middle. They contacted me awhile ago explaining that they do a benefit car show every year to raise funds for a local family in need. She called to tell me that they wanted to this in honor of our family this year. I was blown away by that. No more than 5 minutes before she called me I was praying about enrolling Daylia in a pre-school. I really wanted to do this but was hesitant because it was obviously going to cost us money to do that and I wasn't sure we could afford it. Her phone call confirmed for me that no matter what God will always supply our needs. To me it was an immediate answer to prayer. A huge part of our journey through all this has been watching the amazing way God has used so many people to help us out in so many ways.

Anyway, I wanted to thank the Gray family so much for putting on this benefit for us. We are so humble by it.

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  1. says: Mrs. Wilson, I have just read your thank you to the Gray family. Those 2 precious people are my daughter and son-in-law, Mary Dana and Daron. They were so pleased tonight when the event was over to see how much money they had raised for you and your family and the big turn out they had - even in the pouring rain. It just goes to show you again how good God is in everything. I know they worked hard for this benefit to be successful but the most important thank you goes to God and that is exactly who Mary Dana and Daron will thank. Just wanted you to know I am also praying for Josiah as is my Sunday School class and so many of my friends. I will continue to keep up with Josiah and his progress thru Mary Dana and Daron and thru your website. God bless and may Josiah have a good week. Mertie Taylor

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