Posted by Erin Wilson On Saturday, September 5, 2009 1 comments
A quick update from my phone this morning. We are headed to Columbia for Milo's sister's wedding. I was suppose to leave last night and go to Charity's bachlorette party, but that didn't happen with Josiah's busy day. The short results of the cath lab yesterday is that Josiah is not ready for his Glen (the 2nd staged surgery for HLHS). It is evident thpugh that Josiah does need a surgery to fix his left pulmonary artery. So within a week or so we will most likely be sending Josiah for another open heart surgery. I'll write more about all this when we get back from the wedding on Monday.

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    mom2lo Not really the news we were hoping for, but remember, God has your precious little one in His hands! Try to enjoy yourselves this weekend!

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