Josiah is going to the cath lab

Posted by Erin Wilson On Friday, September 4, 2009 1 comments

I just love this picture. This is my favorite position to see Josiah in. I love to see his cute little tush up in the air. He sleeps so peacfully on his belly. By the way it's okay for babies to do this in the ICU because they are hooked up to so many monitors!

So the reason for the post today is to ask for prayer for our little guy and all his doctors today. He was scheduled to go to the cath lab next Friday but yesterday they bumped it up to today! He will be going to the cath lab on a diagnostic, data gathering "mission" ( I don't think they are sending him to space or anything). He has to have this done before his next surgery to determine if he is a canidate for the next stage. In the cath lab they will get access to his heart through a main artery or vein. They usually like to do this through the leg but they will most likely not be able to do this because he has had a number of pokes to his legs that his main arteries and veins are no longer there. That means that they will try to gain access to his heart through his neck. Basically they find a vessel that is large enough and slide a catheter (a plastic tube) into the vessel and feed it through to the heart. They then can use this caterter to put different instruments through....

Okay, josiah is awake now and I'm going to spend time with him. I'll finsh this later. Please just pray for him and the doctors this afternoon. He is suppose to go around 2:00pm and be done around 6:00pm. Thanks for your prayers

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    Anonymous I am praying for your precious gift from God.

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