Missing Milo

Posted by Erin Wilson On Friday, October 9, 2009 0 comments
Milo is gone for an entire week this time. He left on Wednesday morning and won't be back until late Tuesday night. I still remember the first time Milo went somewhere without me once we were married. He was still in the Marine Corps and had a few days off. He decided that he and two friends were going to go on a 3 day trip. I was teaching at the time so I couldn't go. I was very okay with the idea but hated every moment while he was gone. He even admitted to not having as much fun as he was hoping to have. When he came back we both decided that life was just better together and that as much as possible we would try not be apart from each other. I don't think Milo has ever done another "boys weekend," he has to much fun as a youth pastor these days, with weekend retreats and camps! I've done one "girls weekend" in the almost eight years we've been married, it was fun! Before we had kids I don't think we were really ever apart. Now that we have children we end up being separated a little more because I just can't take the girls along on Ski retreats or to summer camp. But these past 4 months has taken it to a whole new level. I spend half the week with Milo and half the week without him. While I never hate the reason he is gone, we are so grateful for the amount of time he gets to be with us in Charleston, it just doesn't feel right. I miss him. He's my partner in all this. He's who I can be weak with. I just don't feel myself without him by my side. I love him.

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