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Posted by Erin Wilson On Monday, November 30, 2009 0 comments
So I've been told repeatedly that Josiah needs his own double stroller for all his gear, ventilator included. We own a double stroller for the girls but I specifically bought it because it was slim sleek and compact and now I need a big, bulky double stroller. One that his Graco car seat can snap into, has storage underneath and has room in the second seat for his ventilator. So I'm putting out a request to local Wilson Heart readers (charleston, columbia, greenville readers), if anyone has a double stroller just sitting around not being used would you consider selling it to us! I know there has got to be someone out there with a useless to them double stroller that would love some extra Christmas cash! We won't be going out too much with him, it will primarily be used to get us to doctors appointments, and so we really don't want to purchase something new. You can contact us at if you have anything available. Thanks so much and please continue to pray for us as we hopefully make our push toward home.

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