Slow and Steady

Posted by Erin Wilson On Saturday, November 14, 2009 0 comments
Josiah is doing well. He has been awake and alert. He will occasionally give the biggest smiles ever, but I have yet to get one on camera. Hopefully soon! I'm enjoying some time to myself this weekend. My parents are home, the girls are at Aunt Charity and Uncle Carlos' house and Milo is in Greer. So I spend all day at the hospital and I love it. I got to hold Josiah until I was 3 hours past when I needed to pump and my arm was falling off. We watched Clemson football together and then Carolina football. It was great.

They have started to compress Josiah's feeds this weekend. He is now getting fed for 2 hours straight and then his feeds are off for an hour. We will work toward getting his feeds compressed down to 30 minutes and off for 2.5 hours.

The only bad news we have is that we did have to take cultures again this morning because Josiah spiked a temperature last night. Infection is the most frustrating thing about being here. We are praying it's a false alarm and won't set us back.

Slow and steady wins the race. Hopefully the race will be over soon!

- A Heart that Holds On

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