So very busy!

Posted by Erin Wilson On Thursday, November 12, 2009 1 comments
Alright, people are beginning to ask what has happened to us. In fact, just as I am starting to type this Josiah is waking up and so I'm putting the computer down to go play with him! Getting back to this... we have been busy trying to keep up with everything. We are in the process of learning how to take over Josiah's care. Milo and I will be earning our nursing degree, a Respiratory Therapy degree, a pharmacy degree, physical therapy degree and occupational therapy degree by the time this is over. I only mean that jokingly because I realize that anyone in any of those professions sure know a lot more than I do for every other aspect of their job, but I will be an expert in Josiah care. During one of our teaching sessions the other day it dawned on me that Josiah isn't getting a whole lot better than he is before we take him home and so we are simply taking him home and setting up our own mini hospital at home. I told this to the RT that was teaching us and he agreed except that he added to it, saying that we weren't just setting up a mini hospital but a mini ICU. Talk about pressure.

Here's a little glimpse into our days

7am - No alarm clock needed to precious girls come wake us up (one up us usually gets to lay in bed while the other gets the girls milk and watching TV)
8am- Pumping/breakfast/ shower/ playing with the girls
9:30am- headed to the hospital
-Occupational therapy
-Trach care and teaching
-med giving
-playing with Josiah
-lots of other stuff
12:00- pumping/phone calls
1:00- lunch break
2:00- more Josiah care
-physical therapy
-home ventilator teaching
-hopefully holding Josiah
-lots of other stuff
5:00 - leave the hospital to go home with the girls
6:00-pumping / dinner
6:30- playing with the sweet girls
7:45- bath time
8:15 -story time
8:30- bed time for the girls
9:00- pumping
9:30- head back to the hospital
-bath for Josiah
-trach care
-spin and skim milk
12:00- head home
12:15- pumping
12:30- bed time for us
4:00- pumping
4:30- back to bed!

This is the majority of our days! I have honestly grown to love them. It's hard to get up in the mornings but once I get over that hump it's pretty great. Sometimes blogging is the last thing on the list. Sorry! Obviously our main focus is Josiah and our precious girls. I can't thank God enough that we have been able to keep that our focus. Without my parents constant help (notice in our daily schedule there is no grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry, cooking, my parents do it all, praise God), Crossbridge's support with housing, and Ridgeview's flexibility with Milo we would not be sane and it would be our girls and Josiah who would suffer most. Praise God for his timing and ability to pull all this together for us.

By the way, Josiah is doing fine. We had to slow down on the weaning from the ventilator. He got tired out from working too hard and slept for 4 days straight! He's better now a bit more awake and alert. Slowly making progress! Thank you all so much for your continued prayers. Hoping and praying we will be home sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

- A heart that holds on

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    shannon m I love your saying Erin...A heart that holds on! Ya'll are still in our prayers daily. The Lord has given you two a lot to take on, he knew ya'll could handle it, stay strong through him!

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