Still Riding the Roller Coaster.

Posted by Erin Wilson On Sunday, November 29, 2009 1 comments
So I never got around to the "Things I'm Grateful For" post I intended for Thursday. Just busy! And just like I haven't ever written the post about Josiah's birth, once you miss the opportunity it's too late to look back, there's no time for that now. There is news to move forward with.

Our twitter updates on Thanksgiving got messed up and never posted until Friday morning. We had a great Thanksgiving despite the fact that we didn't see Josiah until 10:30pm. The problem was we started the day out with a plan. A reminder again that we can't make plans anymore. You just do you best to make things happen but when they don't, oh well. "The plan" was to spend the morning eating my mom's homemade sweet rolls and watching the parade, taking the girls to the park and then putting them down for a nap. Then we were going to go to the hospital to spend about 3 hours with Josiah before returning home for a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner. The morning was great and so we went to the hospital where we were told that we couldn't get in too see Josiah for 30-45 minutes. So we waited. 45 minutes went by and then we were told another hour before we could get in. So we waited. An hour later we were told at least another hour probably 2. So we quit waiting and went home for turkey. Any other day this wouldn't have been a big deal to me, but on Thanksgiving it was. All I wanted to do was go in and hold and kiss my precious boy for whom I am extremely grateful for. While I was not thankful for the situation, I had to be thankful that my son was not the reason that we were not allowed in the unit and paused to pray for the families whose children were very sick. After putting the girls to bed we went back to the hospital were I spent a couple hours doing what I wanted to do... holding and kissing my sweet boy.

Thursday, Friday and today have been filled with Josiah having high temperatures, low temperatures, low O2 saturations, more cultures, antibiotics, more diuretics. No one is real sure what is going on with Josiah right now. The main concerns are his fever spikes and low O2 saturations. He normally sits at about 80% O2 but has been hanging out in the upper 60's this weekend. His cultures keep coming back negative. Today his chest x-ray was really bad. We are just praying for the doctors to be able to pinpoint what is going on. I'm am getting very tired of the, he's fine, he's not fine roller coaster we have been on for a week now. This much fluctuation in Josiah's stability doesn't get us closer to home, which is where we want to be.

Please pray with us for answers and stability for Josiah. Calm, boring days are what allow us to go home.

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    Anonymous Praying right now for you guys to be boring all day, every day! Miss you guys. If you are open for lunch Friday the 4th Tagg and I will be at MUSC for a g-tube follow up and should be done by 12:30.

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