The Date!

Posted by Erin Wilson On Wednesday, December 2, 2009 5 comments
I can't believe I'm even writing this but we have been given a date. A date we have been waiting for, hoping for, praying for, for 197 days, a discharge date. Things are being put in place for us to be discharged on Thursday, December 10th! Can you believe I said it! THURSDAY, DECEMBER 10TH! That means we will leave here and move back home to Greer on that day. There will be no temporary stay in our house here in Charleston because Josiah requires too much care it makes no sense to get it set up here just to move home in a couple of weeks. So we will jump right into being 4 hours away from our safe haven.

I don't even know if I can begin to explain the emotions this brings. Of course I am elated to finally be taking Josiah home and praising God for faithfulness. It is an incredible answer to prayer. At the same time we are bringing home a baby who is still very, very "sick." Going through this we've always thought that when we brought him home we would have a "normal" (as normal as you can be with half of a heart) baby, but we are not. Josiah hasn't necessarily gotten strong enough to go home we have just gotten the proper machines ready to take him home. As he is now he is still not able to go to the step down unit here at the hospital but we can take him home. This creates a lot of stress and fear. At the same time Milo and I are ready to take over his care and bring him home. We have had the best teachers and training possible here at MUSC. We feel very confident that we know our baby and can pick up on the smallest changes, even before the doctors these days. We are ready to tackle this new challenge and begin figuring out yet another new stage of our lives.

We have so much to do to get ready to go home. We are actually sending the girls home with my parents and moving most of our stuff back home today. Milo and I need to be able to focus on caring for Josiah for the next week. We are actually rooming-in with Josiah for the next two nights to prove that we have learned what we need to learn to take care of Josiah. Then we are going back to Greer to get the house set up for Josiah. We will head back to Charleston Monday morning and continue with our final teaching sessions before they send us home Thursday morning.

We are incredibly grateful that we have made it this far with Josiah. God has been with us all the way and will continue to be with us as we go home. Please pray with us that Josiah will stay stable through this week and that no complications arise that prevent us from going home on Thursday.

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    Rachel Schaefer How will be the best christmas gift ever to have him home finally :-)

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    mom2lo There are no words, Erin! I am ecstatic for you and Milo to finally take your little guy home! I know it will be a lot for you guys to take on but I'm confident you will do great and God will give you both the strength and wisdom you need. Please let us know if there is ANYTHING we can do to help you guys with the transition. Sean's totally willing to drive down there to help move your stuff back. I told him you guys probably didn't need a U-Haul, though. LOL! :)

    I'm SO happy for you guys!!!!!!

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    Bethany That's wonderful news Erin! We will be praying for you guys as you make the adjustment to home.

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    hazel and ej Yay!!!!Josiah is going home.... =) so happy for you and your family.. Josiah will for sure get stronger at home where he will be fully relax and rested.. and finally just be a baby..

    still praying..

    mari-(mom of Elijah HLHS)

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    Anonymous I am so excited! Please let us know whatever you need!!!


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