Discharge on hold

Posted by Erin Wilson On Wednesday, December 9, 2009 0 comments
Josiah's timeline (maybe God's!) wins again. We came in this morning and Mindy, our nurse, had Josiah's room pretty much packed up. She had gotten boxes out for all of Josiah's belongings and was ready for him to move out. Josiah had a different plan, he spiked another temperature, so that he could have Mindy a couple more days, apparently. His temp has gotten as high as 103 this afternoon. So Josiah has had cultures done and is back on IV antibiotics. We will for sure not be going home until Monday morning now. We are grateful this happened here before we got home but also discouraged that we are not taking him home tomorrow. Obviously, more than we are concerned about our schedules we are concerned about Josiah. His glucose was really low this afternoon, which is a sure sign that his body is fighting something. Please pray for him and also pray for our girls, as they again deal with disappointment and more days away from Mommy and Daddy.

-A Heart that Holds On

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