God is LOVE- cont.

Posted by Erin Wilson On Thursday, December 24, 2009 1 comments
I was so awestruck by the out pouring of love that came from people we have never met that I forgot to mention the other acts of love that we have received from the people we do know. Here are just a few at this time. I got home and all over my house are encouraging notes of scripture written by my dearest friend Dana, there were cards placed on my girls pillows that said "I pray for you" written by her young children. There were Christmas presents on our kitchen table from their family. I love this family so much. I know of other friends who have given contributions to Crossbridge family ministries (the ministry in Charleston that has taken such good care of us and helped us with housing) in honor of Josiah this Christmas. Crossbridge volunteers came caroling at our house in Charleston this week and brought gifts for the whole family. Mindy (one or our PCICU nurse) decorated Josiah's room with Christmas bows this morning to lift our spirits. These are just a few of the ways we have been blessed this week. There is a whole stack of mail that I have yet to go through.

Again, we are so humbled and blessed by these acts of love.

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    anony yay! so glad you are actually getting to leave tomorrow! I will miss little Josiah when I come back to work on Tuesday- we've had fun playing the past few weeks on night shift!
    Ann Tompkins

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