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Posted by Erin Wilson On Sunday, December 13, 2009 0 comments
We are not bringing Josiah home tomorrow. He is just not doing well enough to come home yet. At this point they are not major things just the combination of little things that are keeping us from coming home. His cultures from Wednesday showed that he has two different infections in his lungs. The good news about that is that they can be treated by oral antibiotics rather than IV. Josiah has required more oxygen over the weekend to get his O2 sats high enough. They gave him more blood this morning hoping that would help with his oxygenation and so far it seems to have helped. Since he got this infection he has not been able to handle his trach collar trials, his time off the vent. They and I are not comfortable sending Josiah home with out being able to tolerate being off the vent for at least an hour. Then his low blood sugar issue is just stumping everyone. So Josiah is back to continuous feeds for now, until some more labs come back. He also has another fever this morning of 101.3. All this adds up to us not going home. Which is okay with us because we don't want to take him home this unstable but at the same time it is very disappointing. We are making plans this afternoon to get the girls back down here with us. More to come. I need to tend to Josiah. Just wanted to give a quick update.

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