Pray for Brennan

Posted by Erin Wilson On Sunday, December 6, 2009 0 comments
We got back home to Greer this evening. It's so nice to be sitting on my own couch while my husband rehearses music for worship tomorrow, knowing one, I'll be worshiping with him tomorrow and two, feeling hopeful that I'll be doing much more of this starting next week.

On the drive home today I got to catch up on some phone calls I've been meaning to make. I spoke with 4 moms today. One was my roommate and best friend from college, good old familiar and always faithful friend. The second was a heart mom who lives right down the road from me that I met before Josiah was born. She has been a constant encouragement to me. The third was a mom from the upstate who was passing us on the highway, headed to MUSC because her sweet baby boy Brennan who was put on the heart transplant list back in June, is getting his new heart today. The fourth mom, was Wesleigh Anne's mom who spent the day picking out a head stone for their precious baby girl. It will always catch me off guard just how much my life has changed this year. I'm so grateful for all my "old" mom friends as well as this new group of heart mom's I've come to love so quickly.

Please pray for Brennan tonight and over the next week as his body adjust to his new heart. Please also pray for his mom and dad, Sommer and Jay. Also continue to pray with us for Wesleigh Anne's mom and dad, Liz and Trey, as they continue to figure out daily how to put one foot in front of the other.

Our children are precious and amazing gifts and so are all these mom's I love dearly.

-A Heart that Holds On

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