We are home!

Posted by Erin Wilson On Tuesday, December 29, 2009 2 comments
We are home. We are home. We are home! And I actually have a moment to blog (probably because the girls aren't with us yet). It has been a wonderful day. Josiah has been amazing. I don't think I've ever seen him look so good. He has been just perfect. His O2 sats are higher than they have been in weeks. He's been sitting in the upper 80's all day!

Josiah's loving his new surroundings. I laid him in his bed which is in front of a window and I decided to open the blinds for him. He stared out the window and watched his daddy make a million trips to and from the car. He could see beautiful trees and birds flying around our front yard. I could not have been happier to watch my son looking out the window. What a drastic difference from staring at the same gray walls for 7 months! Absolutely amazing.

Josiah is sound asleep right now. We are going to give him his midnight meds and then we are off to bed ourselves. So happy to be at home with our sweet boy. Praise God!

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    Anonymous Erin, Michelle and I are so happy for you and your family that God made a way and your baby boy is where he should be now! Praise our Great Creator God! Glad we as a church family got the chance to know and pray for you in your time spent in Charleston!

    Much love,

    Andy and Michelle Breuker (and Sophie :)
    Charleston Sanctuary

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    King's Daughter Wonderful! Praise God!! He is so good.

    You probably don't know me. I have heard about you a lot through the Glasners and I read your blog. I'm praying for your family everyday! God bless. :)

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