Been a long time coming!

Posted by Erin Wilson On Saturday, January 16, 2010 3 comments
So the biggest news of the day is that after almost 8 long months the new cafeteria here at MUSC has opened! We have been eating in a tent out in front of the hospital since 5 days after Josiah was born. This is very exciting news. The hospital is a buzz! I even had to take a picture to mark the event!

In unrelated news, Josiah is doing fine. His swelling has come down since his cath, but his lungs are still pretty wet. So we are again tinkering with his ventilator support and his diuretics (the meds that make him pee!). The past two days Josiah's heart rate has been elevated. We are not sure at this point if it is due to infection or if something else is going on, perhaps a side effect of some of the new medications he is on. I am still waiting to have some more serious conversations with our cardiologists and surgeons about our next steps with Josiah. It has been very busy around here the past couple of days and several of the Md's are on vacation for the long weekend. Here is a picture of Josiah from last night, still enjoying his fingers!

-A heart that holds on

3 comments to Been a long time coming!

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    Amy Oh I love that bobby cover! He looks so cute with the fingers in his mouth too!

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    Stephanie Quintero Ya'll need more date nights.

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    Anonymous We are enjoying the new cafeteria too - hooray - no more tent! We continue to pray for Josiah and that you & Milo will have some questions answered once the doctors come back from vacation. Please come to "7C" if you ever need to talk. I am here :) T Bentley

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