Getting used to a new hospital

Posted by Erin Wilson On Sunday, January 3, 2010 4 comments
Josiah started having a fever on New Year's eve. I spoke with the MD's at MUSC and we all agreed to just wait and watch it. Unfortunately, on New Years day his temp spiked again to 103 and he was having major diarrhea so we had to bring him in to the hospital. We were able to be directly admitted to the PICU at Greenville Memorial so we didn't have to go through the emergency room. We were put on a 3 day sepsis watch. Basically that means cultures were taken and we wait the 3 days to see if anything grows back. So far nothing has grown back and so we are thinking that it is something viral. Josiah was also very dehydrated when we got here, so the MD's are trying to determine if that is because of the diarrhea or if he is on too many diuretics.

It seems like the earliest we would get out of here is Monday night or Tuesday morning. We'll see. The plus side to this stay is that we are allowed to stay over night with Josiah. I'm so grateful for that because it would be very hard to leave him with a strange crew. The staff here is good, they just don't know Josiah and his history yet. After being admitted here twice in our first week home, I think they might get to know Josiah pretty well too! I feel much more comfortable being here with him. It's hard to get used to a whole new system though.

Please pray for our precious girls. My heart is hurting for them with so much upset to their routine and uncertainty of what tomorrow brings. They were so excited to have Josiah home and now he's gone again. l've been missing them a lot. Tomorrow we are going to take them to the new children's museum here in Greenville for Daylia's birthday. I can't believe my sweet girl is turning four! It will be nice to do something special with them in our hometown!

Thank you for your prayers

4 comments to Getting used to a new hospital

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    BrianB. Praying for your little one now.

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    Lainey Still praying every day!

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    Anonymous Hi Erin and Milo, We are praying for your family and following Josiah closely as usual(via CrossBridge). We are taking you to Church today at The Assembly in Tulsa, OK. We have been on vacation in Charleston, SC for 2 weeks so I KNOW our friends here in Oklahoma will be excited to hear the latest information on Josiah. Hang in there guys. You must be torn between the familiarity at MUSC and being close to home. I think you are making the right decision to stay close. This fever is just an alert. You know him better than anyone else! It's the radar of the parents and the sweet still voice of God. Stay tuned and follow the voice of the Good Sheperd.
    Love ya'll and praying constantly!!
    Stephanie and Gabby Quintero
    Tulsa, OK

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    Anonymous I know that everything is a scare for all of you, I pray that all the test are done and they get that beautiful strong boy back to his loving sisters. May God hold you all in his hands and confort you. AFA Judy Tell Daylis I wish her a happy birthday.

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