Headed back to Charleston

Posted by Erin Wilson On Thursday, January 7, 2010 2 comments
The decision was made this morning to go back to MUSC. We are comfortable with this decision and it's what Milo and I felt was the right call last night before things got under way. We are grateful that we didn't have to push anyone into that this morning, but rather everyone agreed that today was the day. Thanks for your prayers in this situation.

Josiah will be going by helicopter in probably 2 hours. Milo, I and the girls will be in the car and on our way shortly after. Please also pray for my Grandfather, Mom and Dad. My Grandfather fell in his driveway a couple of days ago and has been in the hospital. He is not doing very well at this point. Please pray for him and specifically for the doctors and nurses that are caring for him to treat him with the dignity that he deserves. Please also pray for my mom and dad as they are torn about where to be at this point. Pray that if they need to fly to Buffalo all the necessary arrangements can be made here and there.

Thank you for your support and prayers. As always, we'll keep posting.

-A heart that holds on

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    Stephanie Quintero Thank you Lord Jesus for the Wilsons and a heart that you hold for us! Thank you for strengthening Josiah and his famiily's hearts! We love you Josiah!

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    Grace Bless Josiah with health, give the MD's wisdom & discernment. Bless Erin & Milo, and Josiah's sweet sisters with peace, and comfort, and the strength only Jesus can give.

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