Josiah Update

Posted by Erin Wilson On Saturday, January 9, 2010 0 comments
Josiah's been doing well since we got back to MUSC. I think he just loves it here and who wouldn't! He was looking a little rough when he arrived at MUSC, we think mostly from the transport. After a couple hours here he perked back up and began acting like himself again. We were certainly reassured to know that the MD's here think he's doing well. He is still having issues with dehydration and the Md's are tinkering with his diuretics (the medicines that helps him to urinate off extra fluid). They are going up on one and getting rid of another now. It truly is a balancing act. Josiah continues to spike temps every once in a while, but all the cultures come back negative. We continue to pray that he would quit messing with us!

Josiah's cath date is going to be moved up to this week instead of next week. We are anxiously awaiting that day. It will give us a lot of information about the next steps for Josiah. Josiah seems to me to be making some progress developmentally in the past week, which has been encouraging to me. He's been very alert and I've even gotten him to hold onto some "toys" ( more like medical equipment, but toys to him). He even seems to be reaching out and grabbing part of his ventilator tubing on purpose.

My mom made it to Buffalo yesterday to spend time with my Grandpa. He is still in the hospital. Please continue to pray for him and my mom.

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