The Best Surprise!

Posted by Erin Wilson On Sunday, March 21, 2010 5 comments
We got the best surprise this morning! Steve and Amy Smith and their boys Emery and Tagg (Josiah's "roomie" for 5 months) showed up at our church this morning. They live 2.5 hours away so it was completely unexpected. Amy made me laugh when she said, "We knew where we would find the Wilson's on Sunday morning." I don't think they could know just how happy it made me to see them!

We had lunch together at our house after church while Tagg took a nap on living room floor. It was a perfect day. They also surprised us with a beautiful gift. Amy's "brother" took a picture of Josiah and made a pencil drawing out of it. He removed all the tubes, tapes, wires and scars from Josiah's body. It's wonderful and certainly something we will cherish! Thank you so much Steve, Amy and Lan for the beautiful picture! And thank you so much for coming to visit!

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    Kristine How neat! The picture is just gorgeous. And, they are truly wonderful friends to drive so far to surprise you. And, you must be wonderful people to have such great friends. Much love. xoxo

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    Nancy What a precious gift. How special of Steve and Amy to have that done for you. We're keeping you guys in our prayers daily!

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    Tracy Erin, you don't know me personally but my ex-hustand was friends with Milo in the Marine Corp. That's where I also met Milo. I've followed Josiah's life, and now yours as you grieve. What a wonderful gift your friends have given to you! Photos are something I cherish so very much, and this drawing is priceless!!! You're still in my prayers, and I know you are helping others as you continue to write about your struggles. I hope someday we can meet...

    Sincerely, Tracy

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    Rebecca It's absolutely perfect...just as Josiah is now!

    Praying for you, precious friends.

    In His peace alone~ Rebecca

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    Ginger Owens Priceless!! Lots of love & prayers sent your way!

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