Our son died. Do you want to talk to us about it? :-)

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7 years ago little Josiah came into our lives and rocked our world! This picture was snapped on a cellphone by a gracious nurse seconds after he was born, and immediately messaged to me, his daddy, nervously waiting just outside the OR doors. In this moment, Josiah was still unencumbered by the hoses, needles, and multiple surgical scars that would be a normal part of his sweet little life. Yet, I find HOPE in this image, because I know that he is exactly how God created him to be. Broken heart and all! 
Thanks so much little man for changing me! Your short life had an incredible imprint on this world! Its truly amazing. I would have never learned to see God hand at work in the regular things the way I do now without knowing you! We miss you so much. May 20th 2009 - Jan 24th 2010.
Friends, if you are ever wondering how to talk to someone about their deceased child on his birthday, or any day of the year... say their child's name. That what really means the most to me. Whether its over coffee, over the phone, over a text message, or over the neighbors fence. It just fells nice to hear the name said aloud. So, if you are ever in my office, or in our home, please feel free to comment "Is that a picture of Josiah?" It will do my heart glad!

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