God answers specific prayers... so keep praying

Posted by Erin Wilson On Monday, March 2, 2009 2 comments
As part of our visit to MUSC this weekend we had another echocardiogram done to check Josiah's heart. When people asked us how they could specifically pray for us this weekend we asked them to pray that Josiah would be still during the echo so that the doctors could get great pictures of the heart and make their best assessments. We asked this because during the previous echos that we have had done Josiah seemed to think it was time to show off his swimming skills and the doctors weren't able to get the best read on his heart. On Friday, as soon as the first image of the heart came up on the screen the technician said, "Wow, this is a beautiful picture of the heart. Baby is being so photogenic today." She kept remarking through out the whole echo about how still he was being and what great pictures she was getting. She even said that they would be using these pictures to teach from later this week. Milo just kept squeezing my hand every time she made a comment about our "photogenic baby". All that was so encouraging to us. It was a very clear answer to prayer.

Milo and I do believe with all our heart in the power of prayer. That's half the reason I write this blog... so that more people can know our situation and pray on behalf of us. It is a great honor and so very humbling to know the great amount of people that have been praying for us already. So here is our most urgent request...

The hole that is in Josiah's heart, between the left and right atriums which is now getting smaller, must remain open. If it closes the doctors will have to deliver him immediately and with Josiah's other heart problems that would not be good at all. Along with that, as the hole gets smaller blood does not circulate properly from the lungs back to the heart, which may cause the lungs not to develop properly. Again, not good for HLHS babies. So please pray specifically for the wall between the atriums to remain open and even miraculously reopen further and two, for the strong development of Josiah's lungs. He needs to be as healthy and as strong as possible to survive the the first stage of the HLHS surgeries. Thank you for praying with us we know it will make a difference.

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    Tim Erin,
    It was good to see you at Small Group. Thanks for letting me know about your blog. Now I know specifically how to pray for Josiah and your family. Yall are heavy on my heart. - Anna Norton

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    Sue-Anne We will definetley start praying for that in specific. We added you guys & Josiah to our prayer list at our church & spoke with our Pastor & his wife about it, so you have lots of people praying...the power of prayer is amazing!!! He is amazing!!!

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