Begining to get ready

Posted by Erin Wilson On Saturday, May 2, 2009 1 comments
I had good doctors visits this week. They were short! I only spent 2.5 hours in doctors offices this week. This is down from the 14 hours we spent there last week. They measured Josiah this week and he is now weighing 5lbs. 3 oz. So he's doing pretty good. I'm praying he gains another 2lbs before he's born. That would be amazing! I've been on procardia, a drug to relax my uterus for almost 2 weeks now and that has helped tremendously. I haven't really had many contractions since going on it. If anything it eases my mind. I'm not constantly trying to remember when my last contraction was or how many I've had in an hour. I'm usually not a fan of drugs but in this case... Thank you Dr. Vermillian!

So at this point we are just hanging in there trying to get ready to relocate to Charleston! Milo spent the entire day yesterday trying to get the yard ready for us to be gone all summer. We were given a wooden play set from a family at church (thank you Stovalls), whose boys had grown out of it and so Milo has put that all together in our back yard. It's perfect, with swings, two slides (thank you Yarletts) and a great sandbox. The girls love it and I'm so thankful for it because when we get back home from MUSC and we are home bound for several weeks, maybe months, the girls will have a great backyard to play in.

My mom and dad came over yesterday. Dad stayed and helped Milo work out in the yard and watch the girls while my mom and I went shopping for a mother of the groom dress. We went to one bridal store where I accidentally said mother of the bride dress and the attendant looked at my belly and said, "are you the bride." Whoops! My brothers wedding is the 4th of July so we needed to find her something before everything get so crazy. Unbelievably we had success! After we got home we ate some dinner and then Milo went back to the office to get some things done for Sunday. He's preaching his first sermon this Sunday! I'm proud of him, pushing himself out of his comfort zone.

13 days and counting until we leave for Charleston! They're going to fly by.

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    Jeremy We miss you guys so much. Wish we could be around to help in the yard and hear the sermon. May the Lord continue to give you patience and comfort as you anticipate Josiah's birth!

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