Happy Mother's Day

Posted by Erin Wilson On Monday, May 11, 2009 1 comments
My husband gave me a wonderful mother's day. He's so great! He started by giving me 3 full photo albums with almost 2 years worth of pictures in it. I absolutely stink at getting our photos into albums, I don't know why, I just can't seem to do it ever. So he put all our pictures into albums and even wrote comments next to them. It was a fantastic gift idea. Then he also gave me 2 kid size sleeping bags (for the girls). This might seem like a weird and thoughtless gift but it too was perfect. Ever since we found out about all the things that we were going to go through with Josiah I made a to-do list of things I wanted to do with the girls before he was born. One of the things was taking the girls camping. Now, I wanted to do that a couple of months ago but we didn't get a chance. It was so thoughtful of Milo to remember that. He planned a whole evening, we cooked hot dogs and ate outside, had a campfire and made smores and then slept in the backyard. The girls loved it! It was a really special time for us as a family. As for me, I only made it until 2am. At that point I came in the house and climbed in my own bed. I thought sleeping on the ground until 2am was pretty good for a girl who is going to deliver a baby in 9 days.

Our evening together also helped me to realize that even though life is going to be different for us once Josiah is born, we'll adapt and still do the things we love to do. It might just mean sleeping in the back yard rather that hiking the Appalachian trail (we probably wouldn't do that anyway).

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    Jeremy Bohall Trip down memory lane...I remember sitting in our barracks room in SC sometime around 2000. Erin's birthday was coming up and Milo came to me and said (paraphrase) "the bad thing about dating a girl for so long is that you run out of gift ideas". Looks like he's recovered since then.

    We love your example of how having a family doesn't have to take away the fun!

    Jeremy and Petra

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