Hybrid surgery set for Tuesday, maybe...

Posted by Erin Wilson On Sunday, May 31, 2009 2 comments
We were told today that Dr. Bradley has decided to go ahead with the hybrid surgery for Tuesday. Although, when he came to speak with us about that decision he asked if we would be around tomorrow night to go over consent forms and things like that and said that we wanted to wait until evening in case something changed. As we have been experiencing here in the PCICU things always seem to change. This one looks pretty set though.

Obviously, this will be a big day for Josiah. The hybrid surgery is a relatively new procedure for HLHS babies, could be the wave of the future. Everything I've read about the procedure seems to be really positive and encouraging. The thing that concerns me is that not only is it a new procedure it is even more rare that it is done in HLHS babies who have a stint in their atrium. I really wish Josiah would cool it on the uniqueness. I'd rather he wait until he was a teenager to explore his individuality.

They sent some cultures off to the lab yesterday because they were concerned about the possibility of infection. The early report is that there is some kind of infection in his lungs but they are not sure what yet. They started him on some antibiotics and we'll have to wait to see the final results to determine the next course of action.

Our little man looks so good it's unbelievable how sick he really is. You would never know it. We love him so much and can't wait for him to get better so that we can start holding him and loving on him. Poor little boy will never be let go once we get our hands on him. There's nothing wrong with a mama's boy, is there?

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    Anonymous i wanted to share 2 stories about Dr. Bradley (we, of course, love him since he saved our son):
    Our pediatrician (who has been in the field for over 25 yrs) said that if he had a grandchild on the other side of the country, he would have the child sent to Dr. Bradley for surgery.
    One of the pcicu nurses told us that Dr. Bradley will sometimes sit in a chair bedside of a child (who he had just performed surgery) on for hours until he felt comfortable enough to leave to go home. She said that he will just sit there and watch the monitors and watch the child breathe. He is a very talented man. Good luck on tuesday, renee bostick

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    Jeremy Bohall What time on Tuesday? We'll be praying!

    Jeremy and Petra

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