Josiah is swaddled to keep his movement to a minimum

Posted by Milo Wilson On Monday, May 25, 2009 0 comments

So here we are at 10:30 on Memorial Day night. We didn't go to any parades, parties, picnics, or anything else that starts with 'P.' we did however spend more time at the condo with the girls today, then we did by Josiah's bed. Why? He is stable and doing well. He is gradually getting stronger and more alert. We did find out that his lungs are filling with junk because of his extended time on the respirator. His grandma was here to see them wack on his back, and use some form of vibrator to loosen up things, then suck the stuff out with a vaccuum hose. According to her, it was hard to watch. But, this is all part of his continued recovery from the heart cath he had 5 days ago. We hope to hear tomorrow whether he has made enough progress to proceed with the 1st surgery late in this week, or if we will be waiting until next week. Either way, this time of reserved optimism has been
good for all of us.

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