Waiting to see our little guy

Posted by Erin Wilson On Tuesday, May 26, 2009 3 comments
So one of the bad parts of the PCICU is that when the bring in a new patient or a patient comes back from surgery they kick everyone out for an hour to get the patient stable. I seem to have the worst luck with this... It seems like at least half the time I want to go visit Josiah we get kicked out. Today I was in there for 5 minutes and they brought a baby back from surgery so we had to leave. Just when they were about to let us in they brought another child back and so now it's going on 2 hours that we have been here and haven't been with Josiah. Haven't even heard an update on him yet today. It's killing me... but I guess it gives me time to blog!

Josiah's been doing well. The doctors are still in wait and see mode. Just waiting to see if his kidney's respond to some of the meds he is on. If they respond then we would be able to have his open heart surgery soon. If his kidney doesn't respond then we have to go a different route because open heart surgery would be too risky. Yesterday, they did some respiratory therapy with him where they pretty much beat on his chest trying to get the gunk out of his lungs. My mom was there for that and said she had to leave. I wasn't around then and mom said she thought that was best. In the 5 mins I saw him this morning, I noticed that he had bruises on his chest now. I haven't gotten a chance to ask if that's where they came from but I imagine it is. His eyes were open and he was very alert when we had to leave. Hopefully we'll see him soon!

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    Anonymous Nolan never had the "beating on the chest" done to him, but I was in there when they were doing it to another baby...believe me, appreciate that you didn't see it. The baby seemed oblivious to it, but it definitely hurt me. I also feel your pain about having to leave whenever they get a new baby...you hate to be pushy about asking them if you can go in yet, but..ask the receptionist in the waiting area to call back for you...that way she can be the pushy one. take care, renee bostick

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    Anonymous Erin & Milo...
    The Sorrells are on our collective knees for your precious family - especially little Josiah! Hang on to Jesus, sweet friends...

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    WilsonC I'm glad to hear that his eyes are open and that he is alert, he's been keeping them tightly shut for the past few days. I heard from a friend today that many people at Davis College are praying for him, particularly on his Birthday last week. Love you all.

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