Eating and Growing!

Posted by Milo Wilson On Thursday, June 11, 2009 0 comments
Josiah's goals for the next few days is to eat and grow, eat and grow, eat and grow. That's what all the nurses and doctors keep telling us. He's up to full feeds (22 cc's an hour). However, he was spitting up earlier today so they had to put the tube further down past his tummy and into his small intestine. They are planning to extabate him again on Sunday. He really did well on Tuesday making it 20 hours off the vent, but the doctors just weren't comfortable leaving him off. They said that he got an A for effort but a B- for his stats averaging out to a B+. Only A students are allowed in the PCICU though. Josiah's heart rhythms have been pretty irregular the past couple of days. The hard part is that they can't really figure him out because the irregular rhythms are so strange. It's not one type of irregular rhythm but a combination of several. He goes into SVT, PACs, and atrial flutter. Josiah really likes to keep everybody on their toes!

We are meeting lots of families here that are all going through very tough times with their children. One particular family that we have gotten to know is the Moore family. Their daughter Addie has HLHS as well. She's 6 months old and was here last week for her second surgery. They went home yesterday which was awesome to see, but we have heard that Addie may have some kind of infection and they are currently en route back to MUSC by air. Addie has had a really tough time with infections and so everyone is very concerned. Those of you who have committed to praying for Josiah, as you pray for him please pray for little Addie as well. Thank you again for all your encouraging words, texts, fb's, and phone calls. We appreciate it so much.

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