Happy 1 month birthday Josiah!

Posted by Milo Wilson On Saturday, June 20, 2009 5 comments

Josiah is 1 month old today! It is hard to believe. In lots of ways it has gone by so fast in a few ways it's been a really long month. I'm praying this second month grants us more opportunities to hold and cuddle him, see his entire face again, and watch him eat from a bottle. That would be an amazing month.

There is a possibility that they may try to extubate Josiah tomorrow or Monday. That would be a great father's day gift for Milo. Please pray for Josiah to do well when they try again. It sure would make me feel a whole lot better to see him extubated. That would be an awesome sign of progress.

5 comments to Happy 1 month birthday Josiah!

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    eve Awwww...he just gets cuter all the time:)

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    Marisa Davis He is such a beautiful little boy! I know you must be aching to hold him close. I'll keep praying that it won't be too much longer. Happy Father's Day, Milo!

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    mom2lo Just found your blog today. We received news at our 20-week appt. last week that our son has HLHS and a VSD. We are crazy-overwhelmed and are trying to take it all in. I'm guessing you guys are at MUSC? We live in Greenville and are weighing the options of where the best place is to give birth and do the surgeries.

    I will pray for your adorable little Josiah as he recovers from his 1st surgery. Just trust in the Lord - He will see you through!

    Happy 1 month Birthday, Josiah!!!

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    Janice Cockrell We continue to pray for you everyday. God bless you!

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    Anonymous Lifting up prayers for successful intubation from CrossBridge Family Ministries, Inc. MBA

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