Pneumonia and Ronald McDonald

Posted by Erin Wilson On Sunday, June 28, 2009 2 comments
Josiah has Pneumonia now. After his "episode" (that's what we like to call it around here) on Wednesday he began having trouble breathing and had to have more support on the ventilator. At first the doctors were thinking that maybe Josiah had suffered a lung injury from the chest compressions he received on Wednesday. However, they wanted to check for infection as well just to make sure. As cultures started coming back it became evident that Josiah has pneumonia. They got him started on antibiotics and breathing treatment right away and he is actually improving fairly quickly. They were able to come down quite a bit on his ventilator support through the night and this morning. The biggest thing this means right now is we are once again holding off on plans to try to extubate Josiah.

We had to move out of our Condo yesterday. It has certainly been a huge blessing to us to have the use of that condo for the past 6 weeks. I can't thank Crossbridge and the owners of the condo enough for letting us live there. So for the time being Milo and I are staying at the Ronald McDonald house. Us having to move out of the condo couldn't have come at a better time. We had already planned to send the girls back to Greenville for the week to stay with friends and my mom and dad are heading to Buffalo for my brother's wedding. I moved in last night by myself in the midst of a severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings (that was fun!). I certainly enjoy being this close to the hospital. It is less of a walk from RMH to Josiah's bed than from the parking lot to his bed. That is a huge plus! The down side is that it is not going to be a place where the girls can stay with us regularly. So the plan is to stay there for the week and see what comes up next. I'm not concerned because God has been so faithful to open doors for us in regards to housing, I'm sure that something will come up for us.

To our faithful prayer partners... here are a couple of specifics you can pray for with us. That the pneumonia clears up quickly, that the drainage from Josiah's lungs slows down considerably this week, housing, and our other heart friends, the Smiths (baby Tag -is fighting infections), and the Moores (baby Addie- can continue to improve and stay calm). Thank you so much.

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    Oasis You know that you guys are in our prayers. If a weekend place in Beaufort can be a help let me know. Marc

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    Anonymous We're so pleased for Josiah that his breathing tube has been removed! We continue to pray many times a day for him! luv,Paula

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