Still eating and growing!

Posted by Erin Wilson On Sunday, June 14, 2009 0 comments
Still eating and growing, eating and growing, eating and growing. That's what Dr. Friedman has been telling us everyday for the past week. Josiah may actually be getting a little chub on him... if you look really hard.
This weekend has been a little frustrating because Josiah doesn't seem to be making any progress. His heart rhythms have been all over the place. Dr. Atz said this morning that he just likes to beat to his own drum, kind of a new age drum where steady rhythm doesn't matter. Although Josiah's blood pressure and oxygen sats stay normal he seems to become agitated more when he's in his funky rhythms. So far the doctors don't seem to know what's causing it or how to get it under control. That's hard to hear. Josiah also had to go up on his vent rate and support last night. His nurse said that he just seemed to be working really hard at breathing and that you shouldn't have to work on the vent. This morning his chest x-ray showed his lungs to be hazy again, meaning that they are wet or that more fluid is building up. That's the other thing that the doctors are having trouble figuring out. Josiah gets a chest x-ray every morning, one day his lungs will look great and the next they are hazy again. Also, because he was working hard to breath and his color seemed to become gray, his nurse said that this could be a sign of infection . He also had some drainage from the site of his RA lines. They sent cultures off to the lab. It takes 72 hours for final results on that, but in the meantime they started Josiah on antibiotics again.

I hate writing all these things because it makes it sound worse than it is. Josiah is stable and for that we are extremely grateful. It's just going to take some time to make a full recovery. We'll stay here for as long as we need to and be grateful that we have such an amazing place for him to be.

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