10 weeks and counting!

Posted by Erin Wilson On Wednesday, July 29, 2009 1 comments
So today marks 10 weeks! Not that I'm counting... it really is hard to believe and we are happy to stay 10 more if needed. So the MD's, nurses, therapists, everybody had their big meeting regarding Josiah's care for the next month. Out of that came a couple of things. One being a potential time frame for us. We were told yesterday to expect a minimum of 2 more months. That wasn't completely surprising to us. It was just the minimum word that was a little more than we expected. As far as Josiah's immediate care is concerned the plan is too have an in depth echo (kind of an ultrasound of his heart) done to make sure there is nothing going on with his heart function. That was done earlier this morning and we are still waiting to hear the results of that. The Md's have decided on a 3 week ventilator weaning plan. So we will chip away very slowly over the next 3 weeks the amount of ventilator support Josiah receives and hopefully be in a place after that where we can attempt to extubate him again. That is the main goal for Josiah right now. We will reevaluate his progress at that point. One other thing that came out of that meeting was a denial of my request to hold Josiah while he is on the ventilator. That is frustrating to me as my heart aches to feel him in my arms again. Both Milo and I agree that there is this odd tingling feeling in our arms as we stand over Josiah's bed not being able to pick him up.

Josiah spiked a fever this morning of 102, so his nurse sent cultures off to the lab to see if they grow anything. In the meantime his MD started him on a course of antibiotics just in case. We will know in the next couple of days if he has an infection. Praying that it is nothing major.

Again for our faithful prayer partners we continue to seek your prayers of healing for Josiah and also ask that you pray for our precious little girls. This experience has taken a toll on our entire family, grandparents included, but I worry most about our girls. They have actually been doing better with all of this in the past couple of weeks and we continue to pray for them and their understanding and patience through this. I am so incredibly grateful that my parents have been able to stay with us and help us with the girls so that we can still be a family. The girls have grown so much this summer and I can't imagine having missed that. Those of you who haven't see our girls in a while, wait until you here Hazyl talk, she's amazing!

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