8 weeks and counting!

Posted by Erin Wilson On Wednesday, July 15, 2009 1 comments
Today marks 8 weeks since Josiah was born and 2 full months since we relocated to Charleston. This has been kind of a tough day because today marks the last day of the "timeline" we were given way back when. We were told to expect 4-8 weeks in the hospital. In case Dr. Lucas our pediatric cardiologist back home reads this, which I highly doubt he has the time to do, I'm not mad at you! In fact I am convinced that had Dr. Lucas not done the amazing job he did with our prenatal diagnosis Josiah would not have had the fighting chance he has had to overcome this. What we have learned since being here is that every case is so different and there is no way to predict how things will go. When you hear 4-8 weeks you think, best case 4 weeks, worst case 8 weeks. When 8 weeks comes and goes and you still don't have a clue when you'll go home it kind of makes for a bad day.

However, on a more upbeat note. My dad came back today. It's great to see him and have him back with us. Hopefully we'll come up with a housing arrangement that can fit all of us and he can stay with us.

Also, I had a visit today from a friend back home. It was a perfect day for him to come. I know that his family has been praying for Josiah fervently. I don't think I've shared this yet but this guy's wife called me months ago telling me that she had had a very vivid dream which included Milo holding his son. She was awaken from this dream with the incredible sense that she needed to pray for this little boy and for our family. She woke her husband up and they began praying for us right then. She had this dream before we even knew we were having a boy and that he had a heart defect. I have been holding onto that for a while now, allowing it to bring me hope in this situation. Which brings me back to Jeremiah 1:5, "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart." It's amazing to think that before we even knew that Josiah was a boy and had HLHS He was already putting it on peoples heart to pray for him. So to see our friend today and have him pray over Josiah was a huge encouragement.

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